Journal Prompts for Mental Health

In life, it’s vital that we take a closer look than ever at the condition of our mental health. For years, I struggled with being able to get a consistent handle on my mental health. It could verge from fantastic to frail, and I could never quite understand why. Upon falling into journaling, though, I soon realized the massive benefit it provided to my overall worldview. So, to help you avoid the same mistakes, here are some very useful journal prompts for mental health.

Use these and writing your mental health-focused journal should become easier.

Journal Prompts for Mental Health

When do you feel at your happiest?

This is a very simple yet effective writing prompt, and one that I highly recommend you try out. It forces you to look within and find out the things in life that do genuinely make you happy, and then encourages further mental exploration.

What makes you feel at your worst? What makes you feel at your best?

However, another common issue you might have is working out what makes you feel at your worst. Many of us don’t know what truly sends us down that path unless we thoroughly explore it. So, typically what makes you feel at your worst? Explore it. But also remember to counterbalance that by writing about you at your best too.

What is your biggest flaw? How can I overcome them?

Sometimes, it’s good to look closely at where your biggest flaws are. The reason I recommend this as one of my journal prompts for mental health though, is because it forces you to see that your flaws are not as much as they seem. Oftentimes we over criticize ourselves and this exercise is meant to challenge you to look at them more constructively.

Who are you holding a grudge against?

I’ve recently spoken about how happiness involves not holding grudges. Well, tap into your mental health and ask who you are presently holding a grudge against. Did any names come from your pen?

If so, it might be time to evaluate why that is. As the Buddha once said, “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison but wanting the other person to die.” Allow yourself to let this go. Write a letter to this person forgiving them for their past mistakes and allow yourself to be free from the anger.

What is your most significant fear?

Something that I feel is good to focus on for a journal prompt is your biggest most present fear. Writing this down allows you to analyze, confront, and eventually overcome that fear. By writing it down, you acknowledge its presence and can fight back.

What are you letting go of?

A great prompt for mental health journaling, I find, is to write down a list of things you are going to let go of. Something like this can really help you to overcome your fears and to ensure that you start realising the things that you hold onto that you no longer need or are no longer productive.

What is holding you back from success?

Often, when I tackle this thought, I find that my biggest barrier is myself. This is a great prompt as it forces you to evaluate why success isn’t forthcoming, and the best way forward.

What are three problems you need to resolve?

This is a fine prompt for making sure you realise that you have to fight back. Out of all of my suggested journal prompts for mental health I find that this one helps me to re-focus on what has to change today.

What are you overthinking in life?

From work to a relationship gone wrong, you should be using this prompt to work out what is taking up the majority of your mental power. So, which actions in life are you presently thinking about too much? And how does overthinking it benefit you?

What has being anxious taught you?

Instead of always looking to spook yourself, I find that something like this prompt helps you to see the benefits of your personal growth. This also helps you to look at where you could most benefit from significant personal change moving forward.

How did you overcome a problem?

Think about a recent issue that you were forced to confront and overcome. How did you manage to do it? And which benefits did finding a way to beat that problem provide?

Use these journal prompts for mental health, and I think you’ll soon find the answers that come from within to be far more expansive and useful than you might have first expected. Have fun!

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