A Change For Better

About A Change for Better (ACFB)

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

A Change For Better’s mission is two-fold. First, we assist clients by connecting them to the people and resources they need, such as therapy, self-help tools, and group support. Second, we are creating a client base for licensed mental health professionals, as well as providing them with the opportunity to collaborate with peers, to have submitted works assessed against current best practices, and perhaps most importantly, to have everything they need to run their businesses at their fingertips in a convenient, web-based format.

Our vision is to create a mental health care community that eliminates the typical barriers to care. By connecting clients to the appropriate professionals and the information they need to make informed decisions about their health care, we help fill the gaps in a desperately struggling system. By the same token, we will support professionals with peer review, access to those in need, and promotion, so they earn a livable wage while following their calling.

The values of ACFB are accessibility, education, innovation, and community. We believe the power of community is the true foundation of long-term sustainable growth and the ongoing development of mental health services. We will be a pioneering community, investing in access to better mental health care through education and innovation.

A Change For Better (ACFB) is a web-based platform for members of the public and mental health professionals alike. ACFB is a safe place to learn, interact, and gain support. Professionals can research and study best practices, while public members can search for providers, access our ever-growing database of mental health knowledge, and find the support they’ve been longing for.

With mental health issues on the rise across the globe, current systems have become overburdened and ineffective. ACFB fills this gap by providing resources, accurate information, and access to professionals that many seeking help simply cannot find when they need it.

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How We Started

A Change For Better was founded by Ashley and Joe Cairns in 2019 to address the growing disparity between those in need and a lagging and overburdened mental health care system. 

As a mental health counsellor with over 15 years in the field, Ashley is motivated and inspired by helping others gain access to the mental health care that often lies just out of reach. As a practicing counsellor, she knows first-hand the frustration many providers face in dealing with this broken system – from providing reduced or free services just to reach the needy population, to managing the day-to-day tasks of business owners everywhere.

Joe manages the IT side of the operation as the Technical Lead. His 20 years’ experience with software development companies make him the ideal fit for this position. He shares Ashley’s drive and compassion to make this the most robust platform available on the market today for mental health professionals and those in need.

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Subscribe and Become a Member of the ACFB Community

ACFB is a subscription service with low-cost options for busy professionals and end-user clients alike. By becoming a member of ACFB, you’re not only gaining access to the most robust platform available in the mental health care field today; you’re also helping to provide for the ACFB Fund

This fund will help to ensure that those in need of mental health services are helped, regardless of their ability to pay. 50% of the public membership dues and 25% of the professional membership fees goes directly to this fund.

By becoming an ACFB member, you’re not only helping yourself to get well, but you’re also helping others who lack the financial means to obtain this same quality of care when they need it. As a bonus, ACFB will never ask a professional to take a pay cut to provide appointments to grantees – no longer is there the need to choose between getting paid a fair wage and putting food on the table. The ACFB Fund is how we will make up this difference.

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