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Mandy Paget


Christchurch, New Zealand

Funding Streams:

Gumboot - NZ, WINZ - NZ

Forms of Support:

Via video call, phone call or Face to Face

Clients Served:

Adults, adolescents (16 and up)

Areas of Expertise:

Addictions - Alcohol and Other Substances, Addictions - Gambling, Anxiety, Depression, Domestic Violence, OCD, PTSD, Trauma

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Clinic Address

193 Marshland Road, Shirley, Christchurch 8083


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Phone Number



Your Story Counselling Service “When life seems insurmountable and you are in serious need of help! I am here for you”. Whaia Te Oranga E Tika Ana Maau Live the life you deserve My range of ages I have worked with vary from 15yrs to 80yrs, female, male and Transgender. I feel acknowledging the past and finding closure, pulling through the inner strengths one has inside, we are able to all achieve our passions and Goals. Counselling is a commitment from both people myself and the client.

About Me:

What was it that made my decision to become a counsellor: My name is Mandy Paget, I am driven with passion to walk beside my clients, to encourage their growth and insight like I had received in my tie of counselling. My story is of: Child Abuse, sexual assault, mental and physical abuse. Through my journey I had a drinking problem, putting myself in dangerous situations. Through this I had suffered depression, PTSD for 20years. I was suicidal and self destructive with anger issues. Does this make me a brilliant counsellor? Does this mean I totally understand what you are going through or know how you feel? To be honest I do not know. What I am aware of is the base of the feelings of that raw emotion around abuse. That it has to be a journey nat your pie. That closure has to be what is right for you. That activating events come from all angles and not necessarily make sense at that moment. I have found that some clients feel they need to relate the triggers clearly to the past, that they can't see why it was in that moment that the activating event happen or understand where it fits in. We are all different, our own journey is unique to its self. Through my training, the counselling, personal experiences and a strong intuition I am able to give you my full commitment, empathy, compassionate understanding, being honest while working within the code of ethnics. I have felt over time that being true to who you are and keeping things real is an important

Counseling Approach:

I work with my clients using a variety of Therapies like: Person Centred, Solution Focus, Cognitive Behavioural, Acceptance and commitment Therapies.

Professional Memberships & Registrations:

University Attended:

Diploma of Professional Counselling, Quantum Education - 2018

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