What are The Long-term Benefits of Mindfulness?


By: Ashley Cairns

The modern world is, thankfully, far more open-minded when it comes to thinking about mental health. In the past, being anything other than ‘happy’ was seen as a weakness, an issue to be ignored and glossed over. In modern life, though, there are benefits of mindfulness that can make a huge difference to your long-term mental health. So, if you are like many others and want to find a better sense of mental perspective, it might make sense to invest time and energy into mindfulness.

What benefits, though, can mindfulness provide to you?

Greater mental well-being

One of the main benefits of mindfulness is quite simple – you are going to feel fresher in the mind. I will say that you will be much more likely to find a sense of well-being that makes it much easier to deal with problems when they do come around

A mindful person is less likely to get trapped up thinking about the future; you can instead stay more focused on the here and now. In time, that will make you much more likely to deal with problems as they matter today, nothing more.

thoughtful woman

Less pressure, less stress

Someone who is more mindful is much more likely to find a positive solution in life and also less likely to take the shortcut. You will be much more likely to face a negative event with a more focused frame of mind. This makes it much more likely that you can overcome the problem by focusing on the problem in isolation as opposed to looking at the issue through the prism of what has happened in the past, or worse still, what could happen in the future.

Mindfulness lifts pressure because you can focus on the present.

Greater physical well-being

You might not be shocked to find out that a body that is not focused on handling mental strain is going to be physically more robust. You are much more likely to fight off physical problems when your mind is not taking up much of your body’s defences.

Your physical health will improve because you will have less stress burying your body’s immune response and ability to fight back against negativity. This can help you to stay in greater control when problems do arise, meaning your body isn’t going to let you down quite so easily.


Better empathy for others

Another reason for mindfulness is that you can find it easier to work with others, to excuse their mistakes, and to understand their attitude towards certain situations. Empathy is a major part of the process and helps us to not only solve our own problems easier but help others to solve their problems.

From simple mindfulness technique like meditation and simply focusing on the present and not allowing your mind to wander into the dangerous territory of ‘What If?’, you are sure to live a more structured and successful life, free from the stresses that can inhibit your mental health. Why not try it for yourself? I cannot recommend focusing on your mindfulness enough. 

In the right mindframe, it can be your most powerful weapon.

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