Physical Health

For every person today, caring for our bodies is as important as caring for our minds. When you want to learn how to best care for your body, though, it’s vital that you fully understand what physical health means. We’ve got various articles in here that you can use to learn about the value of physical health.

The body and mind are linked and being able to feel good about your physical form plays a huge role in mental health. Our articles aren’t just for making you fitter and healthier; it’s for also accepting who you are and the features you might not be able to change through exercise or lifestyle changes. Each article looks to help you improve, to grow, and to feel better about yourself.

Through physical health, I’ll be able to give you information that might help you to understand how physical health can be accessed and achieved. Finding the right balance can be tough, especially in the modern world. A Change for Better wants to show you, though, that such balance can be struck with the right approach and correct understanding.

Meditation Tips for Beginners

Without doubt, one of the most gratifying and significant life changes I made was getting involved in mediation. While many people may intend to try it out, most of us lack the time, the space, or the patience to give it 100%. For years, I was the same – until I finally gave it a proper chance.

Ways to Feel Better on a Bad Day

Life comes at us in various ways, but most of the time we can often break it down to a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ day. Like you, I’ve had my fair share of both kinds of day over the years – I’ve endured horrific days and enjoyed amazing days. However, one thing that I’ve worked on across many years is the ability to feel better when I’m not having such a good day.

A Balanced Diet for a Healthy Mind

For anyone looking to get into good physical and mental shape today, your diet is an essential part of the process. Your body needs good food to help maintain your physical condition, but so does your mind. Our mind craves and desires a whole host of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Without it, we are depriving our bodies and minds of the resources they need to be the best that they can be.

Types of Self Care: Ways to Look After Yourself

There are many types of self care. Today we are going to talk about all the types of self care you can participate in from a holistic standpoint. I will outline each of the wellness pillars and identify ways to meet the challenges of each.

6 Exercises for Mental Health

Exercising is known for it’s physical health properties. Rarely do fitness instructors ever mention the benefit of exercises on mental health.

Safety Measures to Take to Protect Your Home

As Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid shows us, safety and security are some of our most fundamental needs. Taking safety measures to look after yourself and your home should be top priority. Some are things you’re probably already doing. Others you may not have thought about.

Loving Kindness Meditation and Mental Health

In my professional career, I often hear from clients that they don’t do anything for self-care. Mindfulness and meditation are not on their radar. This article will highlight the importance of meditation. Specifically the Loving Kindness meditation and studies that prove it’s usefulness in our day to day lives.

Wellness while in Self-Isolation during Coronavirus

It is important to ensure you are taking care of yourself during self-isolation during the coronavirus. Physically making sure you are getting enough movement while home and are eating the best foods to keep you healthy. Mentally that you are getting enough social interaction and mental stimulation. Spiritually, not losing faith or hope in a better tomorrow. Financially making ends meet.

Creating A Wellness Routine

Although there are many definitions, the overall basis of wellness is a state of complete physical and mental wellness and not just the absence of disease (World Health Organization). There are many ways in which we can achieve wellness; from healthy eating and exercising to looking after your finances and challenging your mind.