Mental Health

Without doubt, mental health has become one of the most common discussed topics in the world today – and rightly so. For too long, we’ve been told to shut off our mind from our true thoughts and fears. Gradually, though, we’ve begun to come around to a more holistic and open way of thinking. So, through our mental health articles at A Change for Better, you can learn all about the value of opening up.

The aim here is simple – to help you understand the value of mental health, and the role that it plays in everything else that you do. Instead of leaving you uncertain about why mental health can play such a critical role in everything that you do, we want to leave you totally in control of your mental health and what the future will hold due to it.

Through improving your mental health, a great many things can happen in life. You can expand beyond where you might have thought was your professional limit, or you can overcome what you had accepted was a lifelong addiction. It’s time to take action, though, and through our wellness articles on mental health you can learn how to do that.

Identifying and Treating Burnout in 2021

Let’s face it, the world is more terrifying than ever, we’re stressed to the max and glued to our devices. This alone is a recipe for burnout and we haven’t even gotten into personal life factors that can exacerbate the symptoms. Identifying and treating burnout in...

Journal Prompts for Mental Health

Upon falling into journaling, though, I soon realised the massive benefit it provided to my overall worldview. So, to help you avoid the same mistakes, here are some very useful journal prompts for mental health.

Meditation Tips for Beginners

Without doubt, one of the most gratifying and significant life changes I made was getting involved in mediation. While many people may intend to try it out, most of us lack the time, the space, or the patience to give it 100%. For years, I was the same – until I finally gave it a proper chance.

How to Start a Journal: Helpful Tips

In life, one of the most effective tools I have found for self-progression stems from starting a journal. I’ve recently spoke about how a journal can bring you happiness, but I also want to show you how to start one.

Ways to Feel Better on a Bad Day

Life comes at us in various ways, but most of the time we can often break it down to a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ day. Like you, I’ve had my fair share of both kinds of day over the years – I’ve endured horrific days and enjoyed amazing days. However, one thing that I’ve worked on across many years is the ability to feel better when I’m not having such a good day.

Random Acts of Kindness You Can Spread

The world that we live in can feel both incredibly kind and incredibly cruel depending on where you look. As someone who has been lucky enough to experience immense kindness and vicious cruelty, I have been on both sides of this fence. However, without doubt one of the most effective ways to live a happy and healthy life, I have always found, is to initiate some random acts of kindness.

How Journaling Can Make You Happier

In life, one of the most common issues that we can face stems from an inability to know what tomorrow hold. For me, and likely for you, that uncertainty can be quite off-putting and unsettling. If you find yourself in that particular position, you might find it hard to snap free and to find focus once again.

Happiness Habits: Getting the Most out of Life

Life is, for most of us, about finding happiness and contentment. Yet it’s not an absolute construct. Most of the time, we assume someone who is awash with cash and social opportunity to be the happiest. We also assume someone living week to week with no social activity to be deeply unhappy. But is that always the case? In my life, I’ve found it’s nowhere near the case at all.

A Balanced Diet for a Healthy Mind

For anyone looking to get into good physical and mental shape today, your diet is an essential part of the process. Your body needs good food to help maintain your physical condition, but so does your mind. Our mind craves and desires a whole host of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Without it, we are depriving our bodies and minds of the resources they need to be the best that they can be.

Imaginary Audience: An In Depth Look

As you’ll remember from my previous article on egocentrism, the imaginary audience is a term used to describe human fascination in what others think of them. Like actors in a play, each person in society believing they are playing out a role to their adoring audience.