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Wellness Articles

At A Change for Better, we value and appreciate the power of learning. Being able to take on new subjects and try out new things is a major part of life today. It’s something that we care about deeply, and to help you care even more we’ve built a list of useful resources that we hope you can learn from as time goes on.

With this list of various wellness articles, you’ll be able to learn about the best ways to look after yourself. In our various sections, we cover:

Physical Health

Take better care of your body and make sure that you can handle the challenges of the day. Keep your mind in a healthy body and reap the benefits later!

Mental Health

Keep your mind fresh for future challenges and stay ready for everything that life can throw at you. Give yourself every opportunity to live life to its fullest through these articles based around mental wellness.

Intellectual Health

Our minds can only be satisfied when we feed them what they crave; information. These articles focus on the value of helping to be intellectually healthy.

Financial Health

While money can cause many problems, it’s an essential part of life today. These wellness articles help you to focus less on fixation, and more on building financial progress.

Journal Prompts for Mental Health

Upon falling into journaling, though, I soon realised the massive benefit it provided to my overall worldview. So, to help you avoid the same mistakes, here are some very useful journal prompts for mental health.

Meditation Tips for Beginners

Without doubt, one of the most gratifying and significant life changes I made was getting involved in mediation. While many people may intend to try it out, most of us lack the time, the space, or the patience to give it 100%. For years, I was the same – until I finally gave it a proper chance.

How to Start a Journal: Helpful Tips

In life, one of the most effective tools I have found for self-progression stems from starting a journal. I’ve recently spoke about how a journal can bring you happiness, but I also want to show you how to start one.

Ways to Feel Better on a Bad Day

Life comes at us in various ways, but most of the time we can often break it down to a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ day. Like you, I’ve had my fair share of both kinds of day over the years – I’ve endured horrific days and enjoyed amazing days. However, one thing that I’ve worked on across many years is the ability to feel better when I’m not having such a good day.

Random Acts of Kindness You Can Spread

The world that we live in can feel both incredibly kind and incredibly cruel depending on where you look. As someone who has been lucky enough to experience immense kindness and vicious cruelty, I have been on both sides of this fence. However, without doubt one of the most effective ways to live a happy and healthy life, I have always found, is to initiate some random acts of kindness.

How Journaling Can Make You Happier

In life, one of the most common issues that we can face stems from an inability to know what tomorrow hold. For me, and likely for you, that uncertainty can be quite off-putting and unsettling. If you find yourself in that particular position, you might find it hard to snap free and to find focus once again.

Happiness Habits: Getting the Most out of Life

Life is, for most of us, about finding happiness and contentment. Yet it’s not an absolute construct. Most of the time, we assume someone who is awash with cash and social opportunity to be the happiest. We also assume someone living week to week with no social activity to be deeply unhappy. But is that always the case? In my life, I’ve found it’s nowhere near the case at all.

A Balanced Diet for a Healthy Mind

For anyone looking to get into good physical and mental shape today, your diet is an essential part of the process. Your body needs good food to help maintain your physical condition, but so does your mind. Our mind craves and desires a whole host of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Without it, we are depriving our bodies and minds of the resources they need to be the best that they can be.

Imaginary Audience: An In Depth Look

As you'll remember from my previous article on egocentrism, the imaginary audience is a term used to describe human fascination in what others think of them. Like actors in a play, each person in society believing they are playing out a role to their adoring audience.

Types of Self Care: Ways to Look After Yourself

There are many types of self care. Today we are going to talk about all the types of self care you can participate in from a holistic standpoint. I will outline each of the wellness pillars and identify ways to meet the challenges of each.

What To Do When You Don’t Make Enough Money

It can seem impossible to budget when you don’t make enough money, but I’m here to tell you relief is possible. Being in debt and financial insecurity are very stressful experiences. Knowing that at any time, everything could be taken away.

6 Exercises for Mental Health

Exercising is known for it's physical health properties. Rarely do fitness instructors ever mention the benefit of exercises on mental health.

Budgeting 101: What is a Budget?

A good budget is like an insurance policy for your finances. If you follow it, you're sure to have money available when emergencies come up.

8 Grounding Exercises That Actually Work

When experiencing anxiety, negative or challenging emotions, flashbacks, the practice of using grounding exercises can help you take control. Grounding exercises are especially effective for managing feelings of overwhelm and panic.

Safety Measures to Take to Protect Your Home

As Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs pyramid shows us, safety and security are some of our most fundamental needs. Taking safety measures to look after yourself and your home should be top priority. Some are things you're probably already doing. Others you may not have thought about.

An Entrepreneur’s Book List

Part of being an entrepreneur is having the right knowledge and tools backing you. Most entrepreneurs would agree that there are some basics that everyone needs to know before getting started. Getting a good education does not require you necessarily to go back to school but to use the resources already out there. That is why we have compiled our list of must-reads for entrepreneurs.

Loving Kindness Meditation and Mental Health

In my professional career, I often hear from clients that they don't do anything for self-care. Mindfulness and meditation are not on their radar. This article will highlight the importance of meditation. Specifically the Loving Kindness meditation and studies that prove it's usefulness in our day to day lives.

Egocentrism: Is it Just for Teens?

Egocentrism is defined as the inability to differentiate ones self from others or to see a situation from another's point of view. Piaget used the term in his research on cognitive development in children. Later, Elkind offered an more detailed explanation of egocentrism in adolescents. In this article we are going to talk about what egocentrism is and how it plays a role in your life today.

The Most Overlooked Resources You Have in Life

What are some of the most overlooked resources in your life? Achievements can be measured by many different standards. In life, and in your career, there are always set metrics for demonstrating success. How do you measure success for yourself?

Wellness while in Self-Isolation during Coronavirus

It is important to ensure you are taking care of yourself during self-isolation during the coronavirus. Physically making sure you are getting enough movement while home and are eating the best foods to keep you healthy. Mentally that you are getting enough social interaction and mental stimulation. Spiritually, not losing faith or hope in a better tomorrow. Financially making ends meet.

Creating a Wellness Routine

Although there are many definitions, the overall basis of wellness is a state of complete physical and mental wellness and not just the absence of disease (World Health Organization). There are many ways in which we can achieve wellness; from healthy eating and exercising to looking after your finances and challenging your mind. 

100 Ways to Practice Self-Care

In this article we have compiled a list of 100 ways to practice self-care. It is easy to become burnt out and overwhelmed over time when we are not engaging in a good self-care routine.

Getting Out of Debt Fast- Our Top 10 Methods

If you’re like millions around the world, chances are you have some sort of debt. Whether it be consumer debt like credit cards and consolidation loans, student loan debt, mortgage debt, or car debt, you can pay it off and live a less stressful life.

Talking to your Loved Ones about Depression

Talking to your loved ones about depression can be a scary experience. You're not alone. Over 300 million people in the world experience depression. Chances are someone you know and love has experienced the symptoms and effects of depression at one time or another.

Routines and Habits: What You Need to Know

Routines and habits are a part of our daily lives. We have routines for getting ready in the morning or for activities throughout your day. Some routines become so ingrained in our minds that they become habits.

Taking a Wellness Inventory

Periodically, it is a good idea to take a personal inventory on how your wellness journey is going. We often get hung up on smaller failures and overlook some of the things that we do that are contributing to our wellness.

Building a Good Sleep Routine

A good sleep routine consists of having a structured, consistent routine before bedtime. This will lead to a more restful night’s sleep. A good sleep routine can differ from person to person but it’s recommended for everyone to get at least eight uninterrupted hours of sleep a night. Sometimes this isn’t so easy.

Diet and Exercise and its Effects on Mental Health

Today we are going to talk about a subject that has a lot of misinformation floating around about: Diet and Exercise and its Effects on Mental Health. For many years, doctors and scientists thought mental health was “all in our heads”. But turns out they were wrong.

The Stages of Change and Wellness

The Stages of Change is a psychological concept explaining the process people go through in order to make a meaningful change in their lives that are applicable to wellness in a variety of ways.