Warrior Status- A Mental Health Podcast

warrior status- a mental health podcast

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Warrior Status- A Mental Health Podcast About:

Building a life after trauma can be difficult, and it also can be possible. I’ve been on the journey of healing from trauma and mental illness for 10 plus years. Together we can fight the stigma, cope, build the life we we’ve dreamed of, and of course HEAL.

It’s normal to experience trauma following a disturbing event. However, if not managed on time, the stress might shatter your self-esteem, confidence and sense of security. The person might feel psychologically and physically drained.

There are specific things that one can do to cope with their trauma and stress. Usually, feelings of stress, confusion, anxiety and despair following a traumatic experience fade with time. However, if the reaction is persistent and intense, you must seek professional counseling.

Here, you may also listen to calming podcasts by professional counsellors to unwind and relax. A good podcast can help you to deal with your traumatic issues and get over them more easily.

At A Change For Better, you will come across podcasts that discuss practical strategies for taking care of your mental health. Here, you can learn about different mental wellbeing topics from renowned counsellors, psychologists and mental health professionals.

Tune into the Warrior Status- A Mental Health Podcast to fight your trauma and cope with the situation for a better life.

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