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By Ashley Cairns

In life, we all have so many self-destructive habits we often don’t even realise are playing a role in obstructing our own success. As with everything that goes undetected, sometimes we just need someone to let us know they’re there and offer some helpful suggestions on how you can overcome some of these barriers to your personal success. That’s exactly what we’ve done with this post. Here are some easy transformative habits that you could start today.

Turning Attitude to Gratitude

Many of us spend our lives looking at what we lack versus what we actually have. This isn’t something we do on purpose. Our brains are hardwired to lean towards negative thinking and it can take some time to train it by default to positive ones. Without being aware of our mind’s party trick, it can cause some big problems as it leaves you feeling really ungrateful for all of the things in life that you do have.

So, here is my advice. drop the attitude and get some gratitude. A 10-minute morning session of removing the ungrateful thoughts and focusing on the positivity regarding what you have, is a great yet easy transformative habit to adapt. In addition, this could help maximize your mood and maturity. The benefits don’t stop there. With this easy habit hack, research has shown that those who regularly practice gratitude, and sleep better, show more compassion and have stronger immune systems.

If you’ve never practiced gratitude before, there are a few ways that you can get going:

  • Start trying to pay more attention to the little things and acknowledge them. For example, if someone lets you in front of them in a queue, think to yourself “I’m grateful for that”
  • Another way is to keep a gratitude journal. Everyday, note down something different you’re grateful for. This will help you to start encouraging your mind to continue to pick up on positive things.
thank you note

Visit friends and family more

Life seems to have this habit of getting in the way of our social life making it harder to do things as we want. You are not alone here. Often, months seem to pass by and I suddenly realise that I haven’t seen some of my closest friends or family. Making a concerted effort to make time to see them won’t just stop the months piling up between visits, but  it will also make us feel connected to people who are important to us. With doing so, feelings of connectedness and value can lower feelings of stress (which always brings to the party negativity), increase positivity and overall well being. And as a result, you feel more grateful and motivated to succeed.  

You don’t have to start booking out whole weekends or unrealistic blocks of time to see people. A quick cup of coffee in the afternoon with a parent or a bite to eat with some friends after work is a good way to stay in touch.

visiting the family

Start complimenting others

Have you noticed that Brian from accounts is losing weight after months trying? Or has Debra from HR had a haircut and looks amazing? Then tell them!

Not only is it nice to compliment, it’s also catching. A bit of positivity can spread around the office or the household like wildfire and leave everyone else feeling a bit more optimistic. Huffpost talks about how paying genuine compliments can help to improve positivity in relationships and increase overall happiness. Just like when you get more from giving a gift than receiving it, paying people compliments can give just as much joy as receiving them. The more feel-good vibes you’re feeling, the more likely you are to build positive habits. 

That’s why, a small but simple compliment is always worth passing on.

complimenting others

Ask someone how they are doing – and listen

One of the most effective yet easy transformative habits to get into, is asking someone how they are and actually listening. Many of us initiate conversation and simply wait for our cue to step in and start talking. How many times have you been talking to someone and suddenly realised you have no idea what the other person has been talking about because you’ve been thinking of something else or even looking at your phone? Instead of doing that, focus on what they’re actually saying. This is sometimes referred to as active listening. 

Here are 3 tips to help you brush up on your listening skills:

  1. Remove distraction. Put your phone away. Try not to let your thoughts wander to other things. 
  2. Ask questions. Show someone you’re listening by asking further questions.
  3. Pay attention. While someone is talking, most of their communication comes from their non-verbal messages. Paying attention to these will help you to empathize with their feelings. 

So, take the time to listen closely to learn what they are saying and to empathise with their success or failure. This is great for your own soul as much as for their health, giving everyone a little personal boost.

Pay off a debt

This is a good tip to get into in general. The minute you pay off a debt, you feel a massive weight lift from your shoulders. An easy transformative habit to get into is to start paying off debts earlier. It’s going to make you feel good and also make the recipient feel better, helping to further pass on those feelings of positivity and happiness that we all thrive from.

A simple change to how you go about managing your money can quite literally change your life so keep that in mind as you move forward. If you think you could benefit from managing your finances a bit, better check out our other articles.

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