One of the more personal aspects of overall health and wellbeing, spiritual health is not one to be overlooked. Emily Smith, in her article “Spiritual Wellness: What is Your Meaning and Purpose?” says, “Spiritual wellness is being connected to something greater than yourself and having a set of values, principles, morals and beliefs that provide a sense of purpose and meaning to life, then using those principles to guide your actions.” 

As the levels of your spiritual health rise and fall over time, you will naturally experience many emotions along the way. Some will be negative; others, positive. Both are equally important for a well-rounded life experience, though it’s often difficult to appreciate the harder times. Being in good spiritual health means having a sense of purpose, which can make it a little easier to weather the storms that life undoubtedly brings. 

One such storm hit us all with the Coronavirus pandemic. Many people began questioning their lives, their existence, and their purpose. Some were able to discover new and better significance in their lives. A holistic view of health asserts that good spiritual health can help us cope with stressful situations, maintain healthy relationships, and develop higher thinking. 

So, how do you improve your spiritual health? By practicing yoga or meditation, spending time in prayer or reflection, journaling, volunteering, creating art, communing with nature, and in so many other ways, we can connect with our inner selves and our higher power. 

Here in our Resource Directory, you’ll find articles, podcasts, videos, courses, and more to help you learn how to do those things and many more. Knowing that spiritual health is a vitally important part of our overall wellness is half the battle. To win the war, incorporate some form of spiritual practice into your daily routine – learn how here!

sad pug A Change for Better

Ways to Feel Better on a Bad Day

Life comes at us in various ways, but most of the time we can often break it down to a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ day. Like you, I’ve had my fair share of both kinds of day over the years – I’ve endured horrific days and enjoyed amazing days.

treating depression naturally person in mask

Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally

The concepts and approaches suggested in this material certainly do not apply to everyone suffering from depression. However, many of the concepts and approaches discussed below may be germane to many, if not most, persons in a depressed state.

faith and wellbeing

Not Alone: Conversations on Faith and Wellbeing

Your faith in God gives you something to believe in. It not only helps you to connect with people of similar beliefs but also to acquire a sense of structure. Similarly, our physical and emotional wellbeing have a great potential to improve our mental setup.

contact us humor in psychology happy woman motivational quotes

Humor in Psychology

Humor just feels good; it distracts us from our problems and promotes a lighter perspective. For this reason, many famous quotes have been penned about the benefits of humor, such as: The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. – Mark Twain

praying woman A Change for Better

Meditation Tips for Beginners

Without doubt, one of the most gratifying and significant life changes I made was getting involved in mediation. While many people may intend to try it out, most of us lack the time, the space, or the patience to give it 100%.

Friends-A Change for Better

Ways You Can Naturally Reduce Depression Symptoms

In this article we are going to discuss ways you can naturally reduce depression symptoms. But before we begin I want to start with a bit of a warning:

If you have had recent thoughts of self-harm or suicide, please do not try to do this alone.

hypnosis for weight loss man

Can Hypnosis Be Effective In Weight Loss

It’s starting to be increasingly popular these days to make use of hypnosis whenever we wish to achieve an objective. We may like to give up smoking cigarettes, free ourselves of phobias or lose fat – in all those situations hypnosis can provide a powerful and effective solution. Exactly why does hypnosis work?

warrior status- a mental health podcast

Warrior Status- A Mental Health Podcast

It’s normal to experience trauma following a disturbing event. However, if not managed on time, the stress might shatter your self-esteem, confidence and sense of security. The person might feel psychologically and physically drained.

happy within woman

How to Be Happy Within Yourself?

A big sign that you don’t feel good enough about yourself is when you avoid focusing on yourself, because it makes you feel less good about yourself, so instead, you focus on making others happy in order to feel good about yourself.

Happy Self Care-A Change for Better

Types of Self Care: Ways to Look After Yourself

There are many types of self care. Today we are going to talk about all the types of self care you can participate in from a holistic standpoint. I will outline each of the wellness pillars and identify ways to meet the challenges of each.

Loving Kindness Meditation-A Change for Better

Loving Kindness Meditation and Mental Health

In my professional career, I often hear from clients that they don’t do anything for self-care. Mindfulness and meditation are not on their radar. This article will highlight the importance of meditation.

friends pic A Change for Better

Happiness Habits: Getting the Most out of Life

Life is, for most of us, about finding happiness and contentment. Yet it’s not an absolute construct. Most of the time, we assume someone who is awash with cash and social opportunity to be the happiest.

change help A Change for Better

Random Acts of Kindness You Can Spread

The world that we live in can feel both incredibly kind and incredibly cruel depending on where you look. As someone who has been lucky enough to experience immense kindness and vicious cruelty, I have been on both sides of this fence.

write ideas A Change for Better

How to Start a Journal: Helpful Tips

In life, one of the most effective tools I have found for self-progression stems from starting a journal. I’ve recently spoke about how a journal can bring you happiness, but I also want to show you how to start one.

Identifying and Treating Burnout in 2021

Burnout, left untreated can become severe and lead to suicidal thoughts, depression, and long term anxiety. Knowing the signs and what to do will go a long way in helping you stay healthy, happy, and mentally well.

Increase your Motivation-A Change for Better

Habits: Updates to Increase Your Motivation

Here’s why: A habit is a behavior that has been repeated enough times to become automatic. When approached correctly, habits will have enough motivation built into them which means you can complete all your SMART goals with less stress and angst.

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