Many things impact our physical health. Our level of activity or exercise, our diets, exposure to toxic substances (even those we choose, like cigarettes), chronic health conditions, acute illnesses, and more help to determine our overall physical health. 

Mental health also affects our physical wellbeing. Many medications used to treat mental health conditions come with side effects like drowsiness and confusion, which can undermine the best of intentions to get out there and exercise. We often find that substance abuse and mental illness go hand-in-hand, as those who suffer sometimes self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. And these are just two common examples.

It can sometimes seem like we’re being struck from all sides. Physical concerns like allergies and the common cold can affect your senses of smell and taste, ruining your appetite and making it difficult to maintain healthy eating habits. Chronic pain makes it hard to exercise with regularity, and we rarely sleep well or for as long as we really should. 

Nearly everywhere we turn, we’ll see something that impacts our physical wellbeing. But, what can we do to help ourselves? You’re in the right place to find out. From articles on healthy eating on a budget to podcasts on addiction, you’ll find the tools you need to inform yourself and the motivation to put that information into action!

Affordable, Healthy and Unique Chicken Dishes

If you are someone who enjoys a spicy curry for dinner, you might especially love a chicken curry. The blend of the soft white meat with the rich spices and texture of a curry sauce can be quite intoxicating. However, if you are someone who tends to prefer a bit of home-cooking, you might wish to know how to make a chicken curry without the guilt trip or the sore stomach the next day!

The Importance of Omega Fatty Oils

One indisputable ‘must’ for our bodies today, for example, is the abundance of Omega oils: 3, 6, and 9. What, though, do they do for our bodies? What boosts can such fatty oils give to our bodies?

Need a Simple and Affordable Chicken Recipe?

If you want to find a chicken recipe that can feed multiple people and is sure to give them a nice nutritional kick, try out my Broccoli and Parmesan Chicken Soup. This is a favourite in my household. I

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