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Mental health affects every aspect of our lives. Our relationships, stress responses, and decisions are but a few things impacted by our mental health. It affects how we feel, think, and act. Important in every stage of life, from childhood to old age, contributing factors include heredity (genetics), biology (brain chemistry), and life experiences, like trauma. 

Some mental health conditions can be temporary and complete recovery is possible. However, even if you have a more permanent concern, relief and some recovery can still be found. Better coping mechanisms, more knowledge, application of that knowledge, and improved communication are just a few strategies you can learn more about here at A Change For Better. 

We aim to provide you with the resources you need to become the healthiest, all-around, that you can be. Working on our mental health is always a benefit, as it will help us make faster and better choices, set healthy boundaries, show ourselves grace, learn to handle stressful events, and so much more. 

We formed ACFB to bridge the gap between those seeking mental health care and the resources available to them. Mental health is at the heart and soul of everything we do. Enjoy these articles as you explore on your mental health journey!

Recent Posts

Adulting With Joyce Pring
Adulting is the ability to understand what is important for your wellbeing in the long run and prioritizing them. Here's the How-To’s of your 20’s, by a 20-something, traversing through life expectantly, and with gusto!
How Leaders Cause Stress
Original Articles
Speak to just about anyone about their workplace, and they will tell you that their biggest threat comes from their boss. Why? Because, put simply, most of us fear those in leadership roles. We worry that if we fail to impress them, we could be passed over for promotion, or be the first out the door during redundancies. 
Mattys Mental Health Podcast
A place where people can share their stories and experiences with mental health by Matt Burke.
Benefits of Online Group Therapy
Online group therapy involves joining a session led by a qualified therapist through video chat, this allows for multiple people to join, either together or in their separate homes.
Original Articles
If you pay even slight attention to health media, you will know that taking part in regular exercise promotes a healthier body and a generally better sense of well-being. Exercise boosts confidence for people who need a better self-image, while it prevents the aggravation of physical illnesses for some.
I Believe in the ACFB Fund! Do you?
When no more options are available, that’s where the ACFB Fund plans to kick in. After answering a few basic questions and providing evidence of need, applicants are granted funding based on availability and need.
How to Find a Therapist in New Zealand
Trying to find a therapist in New Zealand can often be a difficult task. Navigating the process can seem like a daunting, endless stream of waitlists and disappointment. Knowing where to look can make all the difference between finding a therapist or not.
Safety Measures to Take to Protect Your Home
As Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid shows us, safety and security are some of our most fundamental needs. Taking safety measures to look after yourself and your home should be top priority.
Occupational Therapy and Mental Health
Occupational Therapy and Mental Health Add to my Favorites Remove from my Favorites Part of what we are doing with A Change for Better is to help link you with high quality, accurate, up to date information. Today’s latest resource – The Occupational Therapy and Mental Health Podcast comes from Spotify. The Occupational Therapy and …

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