Ever have “one of those days…?” Of course you have – we all have! And the truth is, they just stink. But did you know that it’s possible to have fewer of those days with improved intellectual health? On a bad day, we barely scratch the surface of our intellectual health. But on a good day, when we stretch ourselves just ever-so-slightly beyond our comfort zones, the sky’s the limit!

Intellectual health is important to overall wellness in a variety of ways. By definition, it encourages us to recognize creativity and to constantly expand our skills and knowledge base. With improved intellectual health come more personal resources that we build as we explore, with an open mind, the world around us.

Developed through personal and professional research, play (yes, play – sports, board games, tickle fights with the kids…), work, new experiences, multi-cultural interactions, personal relationships, and community involvement, opportunities to improve our intellectual health abound. Let these articles by A Change For Better and our contributors inspire and assist you in your journey to up your intellectual game!

Perfect Affordable Healthy Banana Oat Muffins

When you are in the process of trying to still enjoy tasty snacks without your budget being increased, it can be surprisingly tough. If you are in the position where you are trying to find ways of eating healthy whilst still enjoying fresh tastes, I recommend you try out some banana oat muffins.

Healthy, Affordable & Unique Chicken Curry Dishes

If you are someone who enjoys a spicy curry for dinner, you might especially love a chicken curry. The blend of the soft white meat with the rich spices and texture of a curry sauce can be quite intoxicating.

What is a Zero Sum Budget?

Instead of seeing any money left over at the end of your expenses as ‘fun money’ you can spend on a whim, a zero sum budget teaches you to start using every penny to actually do and achieve something.

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