Money may make the world go around, but money problems can stop your world in its tracks. Often overlooked, your financial health sometimes has as great an impact on your mental health as other areas, if not more. And while we can’t promise to make you rich, we can promise to help you understand money and your relationship with it better. 

Without financial health, other areas must often go overlooked due to the inability to pay. So while you may wish to improve your physical and intellectual health, if you can’t afford a gym and additional schooling, these goals grow further and further out of reach.

With insight into budgeting, protecting your assets, and utilizing every resource you have to maximize your income and potential, A Change For Better can help you reach your financial goals. Each article is tailor-made to help you realize that the problems you face have solutions that are well within your reach.

Here at ACFB, we aim to show you the best ways to maintain happiness with what you have financially, rather than always hoping and desiring for things that may cause financial heartache in the long term. While you may not always be swimming in cash, it is possible to turn what you do have into an asset, rather than a liability, and we’re here to help!

Entrepeneurs Book List-A Change for Better

An Entrepreneur’s Book List

Getting a good education does not require you necessarily to go back to school but to use the resources already out there. That is why we have compiled our list of must-reads for entrepreneurs.

Safety Measures-A Change for Better

Safety Measures to Take to Protect Your Home

As Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid shows us, safety and security are some of our most fundamental needs. Taking safety measures to look after yourself and your home should be top priority.

Confidence-A Change for Better

The Most Overlooked Resources You Have in Life

What are some of the most overlooked resources in your life? Achievements can be measured by many different standards. In life, and in your career, there are always set metrics for demonstrating success. How do you measure success for yourself?

What is a Budget-A Change for Better

Budgeting 101: What is a Budget?

A good budget is like an insurance policy for your finances. If you follow it, you’re sure to have money available when emergencies come up.

hat is Wellness-A Change for Better

Creating a Wellness Routine

Making changes in our wellness routine can have long lasting positive impacts on our health and sense of self. Before we can make a change to our wellness routine, it’s important first to go over the basics.

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