Money may make the world go around, but money problems can stop your world in its tracks. Often overlooked, your financial health sometimes has as great an impact on your mental health as other areas, if not more. And while we can’t promise to make you rich, we can promise to help you understand money and your relationship with it better. 

Without financial health, other areas must often go overlooked due to the inability to pay. So while you may wish to improve your physical and intellectual health, if you can’t afford a gym and additional schooling, these goals grow further and further out of reach.

With insight into budgeting, protecting your assets, and utilizing every resource you have to maximize your income and potential, A Change For Better can help you reach your financial goals. Each article is tailor-made to help you realize that the problems you face have solutions that are well within your reach.

Here at ACFB, we aim to show you the best ways to maintain happiness with what you have financially, rather than always hoping and desiring for things that may cause financial heartache in the long term. While you may not always be swimming in cash, it is possible to turn what you do have into an asset, rather than a liability, and we’re here to help!

What is a Zero Sum Budget?

Instead of seeing any money left over at the end of your expenses as ‘fun money’ you can spend on a whim, a zero sum budget teaches you to start using every penny to actually do and achieve something.

Budgeting Tips from Dave Ramsey

Money makes the world go around and without spending it wisely, we are often limited in what we can do and achieve. However, as discussed before, it’s so easy to overspend on frivolous expenses and life pursuits. In a bid to help you manage money better, here is a collection of budgeting tips from money mastermind Dave Ramsey.


Filling Up your Pantry/Freezer on a Budget

We literally are what we eat, so I’m keen to pass on some of ACFB’s best tips to help you fill up your pantry. The problem is, if you’re on a budget buying the right types of food can be tough work. I know how hard it is, and likely so do you. So, in a bid to help, here are some ways to fill up your pantry and/or freezer without breaking the bank.

smart investment sad woman

Smart Ways You Can Invest in Yourself

How many times have you thought to yourself ‘I wish I had the time to..’ or found yourself indulging in pipedream ideas? One of the most important things to get right is your own happiness and to get this you have to start making some smart investments, in yourself.

Creative Ways to Cut Down Your Expenses

A $5 loot box here, a small monthly magazine subscription there. But when you add up all of those direct debits come the end of the month, it can become quite easy to see where all of your money is going. So, what’s the best way to cut down on expenses? How can you spend less, not more?

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