Quotes for When You’re Feeling Down

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By: Ashley Cairns

Life is a rollercoaster, and one of the most challenging parts of that rollercoaster is dealing with the downward trends. When our life feels like it’s out to get us, we can feel down and often not very happy. In a bid to help you overcome that feeling of sadness, I’ve put together a list of inspirational quotes for feeling down.

Listen to these quotes, and you are certainly going to feel a lot more positive and far less down than you do just now. So, what are some great quotes for feeling down?

Today is a good day

While it might not feel it, simply reading this quote can make you really analyse your day and work out why it might be a good day indeed.

I recommend you do this as often as you can, as having a little think about why today could be a good day will always feel invigorating. You will soon realise that things aren’t as bleak as they might seem when you are in a less optimistic mood. 

Worry less, live more!

This is a brilliant little quote, and one that we could all do well to live by. If you are feeling down, then it feels easy to allow those worries to work all over you and leave you feeling quote down. I recommend that you read this quote to yourself when that happens; worry less and live more!

It’s easier to enjoy life when you just allow yourself to live a little, so why not try it?

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Don’t hold back

One of the main reasons you might be feeling down is that you never gave something your all. I know how debilitating that can feel, which is why I want to say to you to don’t hold back.

This quote is a simple one, but it paints a powerful message. When you give something your 100% all, you are very likely to come out the other side with a much more positive and rewarding experience.


Trust the timing of your life

Things might seem bleak and down today, but it’s not going to be that way forever. We need to remember that life is not always going to be happy and positive; you are going to have problems when you are going to feel like you need more timing in life. 

Things might be hard today, but they are going to improve in the future; life isn’t always as tough as it is today.

Be the person you needed as a child

When you are feeling so down, it’s good to remind yourself that once upon a time you looked up to someone just like yourself. When you remind yourself of your good traits as opposed to focusing on your worst traits, it becomes much easier to feel more positive and upbeat as a human being.

This is a great quote to help you stay focused and to remind yourself that while you might feel down yourself, you could probably help someone else lift their mood.


Still feeling down?

I know the feeling, and I want to help you. If you are still not feeling optimistic enough then I want to help you overcome that stressful feeling. So, why not think about booking in for a one on one counselling session

We can arrange a private chat and talk about what is getting you down. opening up about it and exploring the root cause might give you the sense of satisfaction that you are looking for if you wish to overcome the challenges facing you today. These quotes for feeling down might lift your mood, but if you need more support then I am just a call away! 

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