Templates and Worksheets for Achieving Goals

Goal worksheets
We all have goals, some big, some small, some safe, and some bold.

We wish to become a painter, to move to a new house, to write a book, to eat healthily, to exercise more, to become less anxious, and to run a marathon.

Templates and Worksheets for Achieving Goals

If something is vital to us, we need to make plans.

So, how do we do this?

Goal setting is widely accepted as the most effective way to focus our attention on the right activities, energize us, and increase our commitment (Sheard, 2013).

And yet, unless the goal is well formulated, the strategy appropriate, and the actions directed, it will lack purpose, relevance, direction, and accountability (Ogbeiwi, 2017).

Thankfully, this is an area that has received considerable scientific attention.

Goals are most effective when we use well-formulated frameworks that provide a logical, reliable platform to plan and monitor their completion.

Use the techniques and tools that follow to inspire you and find out what you want to achieve, why, and how you are going to do it.

Achieving Goals

The list is endless, if ill defined. And yet, how much do we really want each one?

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