MentorBox: An Investment in YOU


How is Mentor Box different from a library?

Mentor Box is different from a library in that you have the authors personally explaining each of the core concepts of a book in addition to a memorization sheet of key facts and takeaways. The books are broken up into lectures with some lectures lasting merely a few minutes to around an hour. You complete lessons in the lecture until you complete the book at the end. You can always go back and re-watch any of the individual lectures at any time for the life of your membership.


I love learning, but I don’t so much love reading. It’s not that I don’t read. I enjoy reading articles over the course of minutes rather than books over the course of hours. For me, Mentor Box is the perfect solution. I can purchase any books I like after I’ve watched the videos if I am interested in reading it but am not committed to that purchase. (I have the online subscription.) The variety of books available on Mentor Box suit my tastes with many books being self-help books or business/entrepreneurial related.

I often put Mentor Box on my browser while I am doing my social media scrolling or when I am wanting inspiration. I can choose to spend 10 minutes listening or hours if I like.

mentor box books

I love this app so much, I am not being paid to write this article. I simply wanted to share with everyone a wonderful resource I’ve been lucky enough to find.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

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