4 Books to Help You Boost Your Self-Confidence


In life, having belief in yourself is one of the most powerful tools that you can have in your arsenal. In a bid to help you find your own self-belief, I’ve put together a list of must-read books for self-confidence. Each of these books can help to empower you to do more and to find out more about yourself.

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

This is a great book for self-confidence. It’s written by Jen Sincero, and it provides you with some very illuminating insights into how you can build up your confidence. You should find a lot of good tips from this book, and I think it would be applicable to most people.

Reading this book is something that can offer you lots of useful advice about building self-belief in your own decisions and actions in life. If you find it hard to justify your actions, this book shows you how to back yourself to the hilt.

This is a read that should really get you pumped up to start being more assertive and basically taking less nonsense in your life.

wash your face books for self confidence

Girl, Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis

The mastermind behind The Chic Site is always worth listening to, but this book by Rachel Hollis is one that should find pride of place on your shelf. It’s a tremendous read and it’s loaded with comical literary turns and interesting insights that you might never have focused on in the past.

If you find that your life is being minimised by a lot of barriers, socially or professionally, this book should go a long way to helping you turn that around today. The barriers that you have imposed on yourself are often the hardest to break down, but Rachel does a good job of showing you how to solve that particular problem in an illuminating and enjoyable read.

books for self-confidence workbook

The Self-Confidence Workbook by Barbara Markway

What a read this is! I highly recommend you take the time to read this thoroughly engaging and interesting book. For me, it’s a great read as it delivers an active, actionable 5-point plan that should help you to really understand how to make a big change to your life. This is one of the best books for self-confidence on the market today.

Barbara Markway PhD is one of the most interesting minds in the topic of social anxiety, and she provides a very interesting read to help you fully understand where changes could be best made. An excellent reading resource for building self-confidence over time.

Over time, this kind of book should become a founding factor in many of the decisions that you make, giving you greater insight into why you make certain decisions.

win friends

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Lastly on my list, I want to recommend a very good reading book. This is a great book for building self-confidence as it is broken down into a whole host of useful and logical tips. It’s a book that will help you to understand how to build self-belief in how you handle people and situations. It shows you how to also radiate confidence and show people that you are worth listening to.

It’s a tremendous book for helping you build confidence without making you feel like you’re being false. It’s a popular book for solving social issues as well as for helping you to progress to the next level as a professional.

What should you read first?

Really, the answer is all down to your own personal choices. I think that you should look to try and interact with each of the books suggested, as each one provides a deeply enjoyable personal learning experience. I would also recommend trying to start reading early in the morning – it’s a great way to empower the mind for the challenges of the day ahead.

Why not read about the benefits of a morning routine? Add some reading into your routine, and I feel pretty confident that you can start seeing some genuine personal progress in no time at all.

Books for self confidence can be hard to find, but each of the books listed above are reads that I think you’ll get excellent ideas and information from.

If you enjoyed this book list, we highly recommend checking out this article on books for entrepreneurs!

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