Neurodiversity Affirmative Practice Training

31-08-2023 10:00 am

3 hrs

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Joel Schwatrz

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We are excited to offer to the therapy community this online training by Joel Schwartz. Joel is a licensed clinical psychologist based in the United States, he owns Total Spectrum Counselling with his wife, Brittany Boveé Schwartz. He also offers training, features on podcasts and has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences. His focus is on affirmative therapeutic approaches and recognises that neurodiversity is a natural occurring biodiversity.

With Joel Schwartz

Joel Schwartz is a licensed clinical psychologist based in the United States. Joel specialises working with neurodiverse clients with an affirmative approach and specialises in psychodynamic and humanistic therapy. He offers new perspectives and his experiences on neurodiversity through podcasts, conferences and training.

About this Training:

This training caters for therapists and students wanting to further their skillset and knowledge for working with neurodiverse clients. This training provides a focus on psychodynamic and humanistic approaches that you will be able to integrate into your practice.

This training is online and will be recorded. Dates and pricing is to be confirmed.

If you are interested in attending this training please complete our expressions of interest form here or email [email protected]

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