Online Counselling Support with Ashley Cairns

When you work with A Change for Better you will be working directly with Ashley Cairns. As a specialist in the art of wellness and self-care, you’ll get all the support that you need from her. She provides text, email, and video counselling support.

What do we talk about?

That’s entirely up to you. During our counselling session, the floor is yours – the whole platform is built around what you want. Based around your needs, you will talk about your situation and come up with a plan that works best for you. It could be looking at your financial situation, your intellectual depth, your emotional levels, or anything else in life that might be limiting your quality of life. Rest assured; we’ll find a solution even if it seems impossible at the moment!

In times of crisis, the ability to be flexible as a counsellor allows Ashley to meet each person where they are in their journey. If at any point you would like to switch forms of counselling, simply ask!

Her approach to helping others involves using person-centered and solution focused therapy techniques. This helps her to gain a better understanding of your unique situation and help you to formulate what changes need to happen to get you where you want to go in life.

What are you experiencing?

When it comes to getting one to one counselling support, you do need to know what you are dealing with. This is why we recommend that you contact Ashley if you think you might be dealing with any of the following problems:

✔ Depression
✔ Anxiety
✔ Addiction (drugs, alcohol, or gambling)
✔ Mid life crisis
✔ Relationship problems
✔ Family conflicts
✔ Loneliness
✔ Suicidal thoughts
✔ Intrusive thoughts
✔ Phobias

These are all great reasons to speak with a counsellor!

Having extra support is not a sign of weakness, but of strength. Opening up, admitting your issues, and seeking some form of reconciliation is a sign of a person who wants to grow and become a better individual for the long-term. We applaud your strength in deciding to move forward, and will do everything we can to give you the information that you need.

How much does it cost to see you? 

happy within woman

The price depends on whether you qualify for funding or choose a package deal.

The Services price list can be found below

Individual Online Sessions with Ashley
$100 USD each

Conducted over Google Meet. (Roughly $120 NZD)

Individual Online Sessions with Ashley - Package of 3 Sessions
$285 (Save $5 per session!)

Conducted over Google Meet.

Individual Online Sessions with Ashley - Package of 6 Sessions
$560 (Save $8 per session!)

Conducted over Google Meet.

Individual Online Sessions with Ashley - Package of 8 Sessions
$700 (Save $12.50 per session!)

Conducted over Google Meet.

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Not sure you’re ready for counselling?

Contact us for a free 15 minute consultation so you can see if we are a good fit before you commit. We can have a quick chat about what prompted you to reach out and see what approach best works for you. There is no obligation. Simply email to and Ashley will reach out within 1-2 business days.

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