Meditation Tips for Beginners

Without doubt, one of the most gratifying and significant life changes I made was getting involved in mediation. While many people may intend to try it out, most of us lack the time, the space, or the patience to give it 100%. For years, I was the same – until I finally gave it a proper chance. And I must say, it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made! I feel more productive, happier, and now I know I have a moment to myself when I need it most.

As I outlined in a previous article here, there are many mental health and wellness benefits associated with meditation. Studies on Buddhist monks show promise that people cope better with stress long term with good meditation practices.

To help you avoid the same issues I did at the outset, I have put together a simple list of meditation tips for beginners below. I hope you find these tips helpful along your meditation journey.

Always have a quiet place

The worst thing you can have when meditating is a lack of peace. I highly recommend that you look to find a quiet place where you can do your meditation. A quiet place away from vocal distractions is a useful way to get started on really focusing on meditation and seeing results. I find that somewhere that allows you ample space to move is important, but it must be a space that is limited in terms of distraction. Find a room that is naturally lit, free from synthetic noise.

Don’t force it

One of the easiest ways to ruin meditation is to force it. For example, saying you’ll meditate every day at 7PM is useless. What if you are too busy? What if your mind is too cluttered to be able to shut off?

One of the best meditation tips for beginners is to start finding time when you are ready. It’s easy to stop wanting to give up time to meditate when it feels like a chore. Try and find a time when you are at your most calm and serene; most people, myself included, enjoy doing it in the morning prior to the day’s distractions.

Find a location you love, though

By the same token, though, I highly recommend that you look to find a location that feels right – and stick to it. I started to use the same place each meditation session, and that helped to build a familiarity that allows me to fall into the correct mind-set. For that reason, I highly recommend that you look to find a location that you can use for meditation.

Somewhere that your mind associates with the calmness of meditation is only going to benefit you, trust me.

Focus on breathing

You have likely heard this before, but I cannot recommend enough having a clear focus on how you breathe. Remembering to breathe is likely to produce the best results that you would have hoped for, I find. For a beginner, having something as simple as your breathing to focus on allows your mind to quickly shut off other distractions.

A five minute deep breathing session is a tremendous way to begin any meditation experience. Many people have a chant or a phrase they repeat; for beginners, though, simply focus on your breathing beforehand.

Don’t get distracted

As a beginner into meditation, I found that one of my most defining issues was allowing for thoughts to become prominent. Don’t let a thought take your focus – let is drift by like the wind. I find that by simply allowing the thought to flow, acknowledging it’s existence before letting it move on, tends to work best for the most part.

If you are feeling anxious, you are going to become restless. And when you start thinking too much about one train of thought, anxiety and distraction follows. Mediation for beginners is about finding focus, not losing it. So, let even the most intriguing thought glide past.

Find your best position

Most assume they need to take a specific position – legs crossed, fingers in a circular shape – but it’s just not the case at all. My meditation tips for beginners are to do with helping you find focus and avoid distraction. You can find your best position if you simply look to find what is most comfortable for you. Some enjoy sitting cross-legged, while others find lying flat works best or even on their side. We all have our own position. It could be legs uncrossed, it could be sitting in a sofa, it could be a towel underneath your back; there are no rules.

Now You’re Ready!

Use these meditation tips for beginners, and you might find that you can break through the tedium and the challenge that often stopped you before. It’s all about the right setting, both physically and within your mind. Conquer that, and you’ll find meditation to be as beneficial as I do!

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