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Professional Memberships Available

A professional is defined by A Change for Better (ACFB) as someone who works in direct contact with clients in the role of a counsellor, therapist, social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist. If your profession falls outside of these roles, please see our Life Coach Membership Plans.

If you have any issues with signing up to a subcription please email us on [email protected]

professional memberships

Standard Membership

Standard Professional memberships include the following benefits:

  • Standard Professional Profile, highlighting your personal website
  • Access to the full Resource Database
  • Full access to the Professional Mental Health community (other counselors) and the ACFB Public community

Monthly Subscription

$9.99/ month

Yearly Subscription

$99.99/ year

Lifetime (LTD) Membership


Premium Membership

Premium Professional memberships receive all the Enhanced package benefits, as well as the following:

  • Premium Member certification on professional profile
  • Enhanced Professional Profile
  • Use of our Booking and Payment Engine to allow clients to book and pay for their sessions right from your directory profile!
  • Ability to sell courses, ebooks, audio, worksheets, and physical products on the ACFB platform for 5% of the sales price less by payment gateway fees
  • Access to have the resources you create added to the resource database to increase your credibility in the field and showcase your skills to potential clients
  • FREE room rental listings online (max 3 running simultaneously)
  • FREE supervisor listing online
  • 5 FREE Paid Public Membership logins to use and reuse with your clients
  • 20% off all ACFB Private Practice Series courses for professionals
  • 50% off all newsletter ads
  • Access to use our HIPAA compliant CMS powered by Cliniko (WAITLIST)
  • Client file storage
  • Video conferencing

Monthly Subscription

$29.99/ month

Yearly Subscription

$299.99/ year

Lifetime (LTD) Membership


All of our Professionals have the option of several Upgrades and Discounts:

Please use our Contact Us page or email [email protected] if you would like to purchase any of these items or services.

Upgrade Cost
Add 5 basic membership logins for clients
$10/ monthly
Add 10 basic membership logins for clients
$15/ monthly
Create a graphic promoting your practice that we then share across all our social networks
$40 each
5 hours from our team of Virtual Assistants
3 hours from our Web Development team to help with bug fixes

Access to use our HIPAA compliant CMS powered by Cliniko (WAITLIST)

  • Client file storage
  • Booking and payments
  • Video conferencing
$20/ monthly
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