ACFB Fund Donor Memberships

Imagine the relief of someone who has struggled to find a solution, who has met roadblock after roadblock, when they finally learn that someone they don’t even know has provided the assistance they need to get the help that will work for them.

Our ACFB Fund provides assistance in the form of site credits – monies that the end user can utilize to purchase any service or product on our site that has been approved by Clinical Review.

This means that if therapy is the best option for them, they can choose a counselor who meets their needs. Perhaps they would be best served by taking courses on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance – the Fund allows for that.

For less than $.75 a day, you can help someone in their mental health journey

ACFB Donor Membership Bronze

$250 / year

ACFB Donor Membership Silver

$500 / year

ACFB Donor Membership Gold

$1000 / year

ACFB Donor Membership Gold

$2500 / year

ACFB Donor Membership Gold

$5000 / year

What if a book could save a life…?

At ACFB, we understand that people learn and benefit from different modes of therapy. It doesn’t look the same for everyone. Just as no two humans are the same, no course of therapy will be exactly like another. Our goal with the Fund is to support this. Your efforts will help.

100% of your donation goes directly to the ACFB Fund. No amount of your donation goes towards administrative costs, promotion, advertising, or anywhere else. It ALL goes to the Fund only. We do this by covering these other expenses with money that comes from memberships – different percentages from differing levels of membership.

YOUR money goes directly into the hands of someone in need.

Won’t you take a moment today to impact someone’s life forever? Donate to the ACFB Fund – you’ll be glad you did!

To show our appreciation for your donation, we will provide you with an Enhanced Public membership to keep or give to a loved one, recognition on our donor page, as well as an ACFB sticker you can use to show your support. At the Gold level and above, you’ll also receive an ACFB t-shirt, and with your Diamond level donation, receive a luxury premium swag bag to help show yourself a little self-care!

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