A Healthy Version of Brownies: Zucchini Brownies

healthy version of brownies

By Ashley Cairns

When you are trying to be ‘good’ and avoid junk food, you know as well as I do that temptation becomes way more visible. If you are someone who is trying to cut down on their intake of sugary treats, it can be tough to keep up consistency. Don’t fret, I have a simple and effective plan in mind for you. Have you ever thought about making a healthy version of brownies? Zucchini Brownies, to be exact. Yes, you heard it right! I will tell you more about Zucchini Brownies and how this treat can satisfy your craving without the guilt.

What’s amazing is that the taste is as rich, intoxicating,and fulfilling as the real one without all the fatty junk included! 

So, how do you go about making zucchini brownies that turn out exactly as you would have hoped for? How can you go about eating healthy and using healthier baking without losing the enjoyment of the end product?

Why should I eat zucchini brownies?

  • For one, they are going to give you a sweet treat that will drastically limit your intake of sugar. If you are trying to get into better physical shape or just cut out the garbage, this definitely helps.
  • Also, by using safer and more natural sugars, you make sure that you are going to be using something sweet enough without the lasting impact on your body.
  • These zucchini brownies are also going to be free from gluten, making them perfect for anyone with gluten intolerance who fancies a treat.
  • In addition, the fats that you are going to find within these brownies are going to be plant-based. So, this is much better for you as it means making use of natural, healthy oils that are beneficial to our bodies.
  • You will also be able to take in one of the most satisfying and versatile vegetables out there on the market today. Zucchinis are hard to fit into our diet at homes. In turn, this helps you to find a fun, tasty way of eating Zucchinis.

Making your zucchini brownies

So, to start off, I want to make sure that you understand that the zucchini here is what adds that ‘fudgy’ texture and taste to the brownie. It also adds an extra layer of moisture, which can only help to make your brownies even more enjoyable.

Everything can be made using one singular bowl too, which is always nice. However, before you do anything else, it is recommended you get the water out of your zucchinis before moving forward. The water content can be so high that if left within the zucchini, it can make your brownies soggy and unlikely to hold their shape.

Here is an awesome Zucchini Brownies recipe that you can check out. The taste is absolutely sublime, and something that I highly recommend putting in the effort to try on your own.

Whether as a dessert for your calorie-counting self or for the kids to help wean them off a sweet tooth, this is absolutely worth trying out. 

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