Affordable, Healthy and Unique Chicken Dishes

fried chicken

By: Ashley Cairns

When it comes to cooking with chicken, many of us find ourselves sticking to the overly safe options. While a tomato-based chicken dish can be pleasurable in the extreme, you might wish to vary the taste profile up a touch. How, though, can you go about making a chicken dish which is nutritious, satisfying, filling and affordable?

If you want an idea, here are four particular affordable chicken dishes that we highly recommend you investigate further. Each of these is sure to give you a taste profile and texture you’ll feel very satisfying indeed.

moroccan orange and chicken

Moroccan Orange and Olive Chicken

This North African speciality is one that I highly recommend you try out. It has a very rich and in-depth taste profile, and some pilaf included in this helps to make this a fibre-filled, healthy, and nutritious food experience that your guests are sure to absolutely love.

The blend of sweet potato in with the taste of orange and olives helps to create a really satisfying and taste profile that is rich, intense, and very much worth trying out. If you like a more unique take on a chicken dish, be sure to check this out. 

spatchcock chicken

Spatchcooked Roasted Chicken

If your aim is to enjoy a rich and deeply tasting chicken dish that really hits the spot? Then take a look at this herbed up masterpiece. The rich and unique blend of herbs and spices can be quite intoxicating, and if you are not used to cooking with spices then it can give you a nice introduction to the process.

This is a really enjoying chicken dish, and one that allows for a quick enough cooking of the whole bird whilst making sure you get to enjoy a rich and deeply nutritious taste for dinner. 

grilled chicken with coco

Grilled Chicken with Coconut-Lime Slaw

While not everyone is a fan of a slaw, these particular chicken dishes could turn you into a slaw fan for life. Add in the fact that this packs a mere 250 calories per sitting, and this is going to give you a fun, hearty, and nutritious meal that is sure to give you plenty of positive responses.

It is extremely enjoyable, easy to cook, and blends in a range of tastes that is sure to make every bite of that grilled chicken taste brilliant. Find out how to make this today.

chicken marsala

Chicken Marsala

Another wonderful recipe to try out would be a creamy chicken marsala dish. You would be surprised at how healthy something like this could be, and how impressive it can be in terms of giving you that lasting feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

While it might seem a bit much to try out for a first chicken dish made at home, it can easily be served with either pasta or spaghetti to help expand the taste profile and give it even more fulfilling flavour. Be sure to check it out.

Which chicken dish are you most likely to get the grill on for, then? What do you think looks most appetizing here?

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