Eating Healthy with Budget Friendly Foods

healthy food

By: Ashley Cairns

Are you sick of looking at recipes online, only to find out they contain bespoke ingredients far outside your price range?Gourmet cooking can sure make it hard for you to go about meal prepping on a budget. And since many ‘cheap’ ingredients are cheap in quality as well as price, it can be hard to find a positive compromise. If you want some help, though, here are some tips to have budget friendly healthy foods.

Nutritious and enjoyable, these are great ways to use especially when you want satisfying and budget friendly foods.

food ingredients

Look for multi-use ingredients

If you think that you could use a particular ingredient in less than three dishes, you are going about shopping wrong. You should instead look for ingredients that can be used in more than one particular dish. Trust me, the use of multi-purpose ingredients is far more likely to deliver results whilst helping you to create budget friendly healthy meals.

Avoid recipe fatigue

One of the biggest mistakes you can find is trying to use a new recipe every evening. Not only is this bad for budgeting but it also means you end up making something you don’t like and waste valuable time, money, and resources.

So try and limit yourself to one ‘new’ recipe every week.  Try to focus it on the weekends when you have more time to spare.

tray of eggs

Always look for one protein source

To try and make meal prep easier, always look to ensure that every meal that you make has at least one source of protein and one form of vegetable included. Not only does this make sure you eat healthier, but it also ensures that every meal will give you a long-lasting form of good energy. If you need to add a carb, find a multi-purpose carb that can be used in numerous dishes, such as sweet potato.

Avoid the reduced aisle

While many swear by the reduced aisle when buying goodies from the store, I recommend against them. They often promote you buying something that is not needed at the time and is often out of date  when you need to use it. Avoid the reduced aisles. While cheap, every ‘just in case’ purchase soon adds up to a lot of wasted money. You can also try these tips to buy goods without hurting the bank.

healthy pizza

Dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow

If you get comfortable enough with your own cooking, you can quite easily put together quality meals that you can enjoy two days in a row. I find this is great for budgeting, for spreading your ingredients, and not put anything to waste.

Having something for dinner one evening and lunch the next day, helps to minimise prep time too which is a win-win! If you are looking to make life easier, then I highly recommend trying out the above ideas.

Meal planning can be tough work, but the above will make it more affordable, more amenable, and generally more likely to turn out as you had hoped. 

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