Happiness Habits: Getting the Most out of Life

Life is, for most of us, about finding happiness and contentment. Yet it’s not an absolute construct. Most of the time, we assume someone who is awash with cash and social opportunity to be the happiest. We also assume someone living week to week with no social activity to be deeply unhappy. But is that always the case? In my life, I’ve found it’s nowhere near the case at all.

While material things like cash can help you, what makes happiness in a person stems from their mind-set as much as their material possession. So, what are some prominent habits of happy people?

The Secrets to Happiness

Regular meditation

Meditation is one of the most fundamental aspects of a happy person, I have always found. Someone who finds the time to mediate is far less easily flustered. They don’t get overly focused on the ramifications of an action, either; they simply live in the now and take each action as it occurs. It helps them to react to something in the right way, as opposed to trying to react in the quickest manner.

I have spoken about meditation more here, and highly recommend you read it over.

Be selfless with your spending

Keeping your money in large quantities, hoarding for a rainy day, seems sensible. Yet I have always found that spending on myself provides only a short-term boost in mood…spend big on someone else, though, and the benefits are telling and considerable.

So, I highly recommend that you look to be more selfless with your spending. Invest more money into others, from friends and family to your employees, and you can find the rewards are much more beneficial to you.

Sitting with lots of money isn’t always the secret to happiness that most assume it is.

Avoiding grudges

For years, I used to carry grudges around for people I knew I would never see again. People from high school, former colleagues, that kind of thing. But one of the secrets of happiness is to avoid grudges. You’ve probably heard it before, but if someone is causing you to hold a grudge they aren’t worth your valuable and limited social energy.

Focus that energy instead on being there for the people who supports you. Furthermore, don’t shut down a potential good opportunity in life due to a grudge or a held slight against someone from the past. Time changes all and you don’t know what the future with hold. Be open to experiences and forgiveness.

Appreciate busy times

Happy people tend to be busy and it’s easy to wonder ‘how do they find the time?

But the secret is that happy people like to be busy. Why? Because they are ahead of the ball. They like to have more opportunities rolling in and more chances. They avoid over-committing on projects, and only take on as much as they can handle without losing quality in the output. Keep this in mind both in social situations and in professional situations.

Take on what you can actually do without making life dull; enjoy the challenge without the excess. For me, that’s one of the secrets to happiness.

Avoiding mountains out of molehills

One of the most prominent features in people who enjoy consistent happiness, though, is their temperament. When something small happens, they see it for what it is. An unhappy person, though, elevates a small problem to a major catastrophe. It’s a case of ‘what else could go wrong?!’

However, happy people tend to be much more effective at seeing a problem for the size it is. If you can get yourself to a similar frame of mind, I can assure you that you’ll find much more consistent happiness.

**If you find you need help regulating your emotions or figuring out how to tackle some of life’s hard problems, feel free to reach out to me here via my profile page. I promise to help you find a solution based approach to the stress weighing you down.

Be Present

People who are genuinely happy also tend to find that they don’t divide their time while with others. When you are unhappy, it can be hard to be present when you are stuck on the problem going on in life. We recommend that you really look hard at solving some of these bigger problems so that you can be more present in life.

Treat everyone as an equal

As my father always said, you treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO. I’ve found this to be very helpful information in life. Often times my partner will call me a “people collector” for my ability to unite the most unlikely of people together. People who feel you are treating them well, in turn, treat you well. And as this snowballs, you then get a network of loyal, supportive friends who make life just that much happier!

Free time: quality over quantity

One thing that unhappy people need is lots of free time as they lack the happiness to enjoy being busy and being challenged. Truly happy people don’t need much free time – but the free time they do get is spend being productive, positive, and generally happy.

The happiest people know what they want to do with their free time, and they do it. They use every moment of R&R as efficiently as they do every moment of their working week. Truly happy people put the same zeal into enjoying themselves as they do to getting things done.

If you wish to find true happiness, trying to incorporate some or all of the above into your lifestyle could be a very wise idea indeed.

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