Group Counselling

We know that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to counselling doesn’t benefit the most important person here – you. ACFB group counselling offers a safe, confidential and welcoming environment where you and a few others can share and support one another through this journey, with the guidance of a trained counsellor specializing in that area.   

All of our group sessions have been carefully designed to make sure you can get the most from them – from helping you to realize your potential to supporting on-going mental health conditions. On the pages below you can find a short description of the group aims alongside prices and session times. All of these sessions will be conducted online via video conferencing.

If you’re sure what group would best suit, get in touch at and one of our trained professionals can help.

Available Sessions

Making Meaningful Changes Group

The Making Meaningful Changes Group is for people gathering resources and planning to make a change. The aim of this group is to help individuals gain the confidence and resources needed to start taking action on their change.

Depression Support Group

The Depression Support Group is designed to be a safe place for people experiencing depression to be heard. We will talk about your feelings, fears, and concerns with the aim to help you feel more capable of coping with your depression.

Accountability 101 Group

The Accountability 101 group is designed for those who are currently making meaningful life changes. It is also for people who have graduated the Making Meaningful Changes group.

Anxiety Support Group

The Anxiety Support Group is designed for people who experience anxiety symptoms that are getting in the way of daily life. In this group we will discuss your feelings, experiences, fears, and ruminations to help you find ways to cope with these anxious feelings.

Creating SMART Goals Group

The Creating SMART Goals Group is an intensive group course for beginners wanting to make a life change. In this group we will talk about how to start this change.