Ways to Feel Better on a Bad Day


Life comes at us in various ways, but most of the time we can often break it down to a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ day. Like you, I’ve had my fair share of both kinds of day over the years – I’ve endured horrific days and enjoyed amazing days. However, one thing that I’ve worked on across many years is the ability to feel better when I’m not having such a good day.

I figure you might be like me in that regard and coming out of a bad day might seem quite challenging. Well, to help you make that possible, here are some great ideas I’ve found help to lift me out of the doldrums when I’m having a bad day. So, what are some ways to feel better on a bad day?

Enjoy some exercise

The best way to lift your mood, I find, is to go for a quick bout of exercise. Even something simple like a quick walk, some push-ups, or even a simple yoga session can be great for bothe dy, spirit, and mind. I highly recommend that you try and go for a 20-30 minute exercise regime during a bad day.

You will surprise yourself at just how much better it can make you feel. For more information on the benefits of exercise check out our article on The Benefits of Diet and Exercise on Mental Health located here.

Increase your water intake

Another way I find helps to lift my negative mood on a bad day is to enjoy some water. A simple glass of water can be enough to help rehydrate the body and the mind. This can give you that boost you need to solve a problem or to force on through with something that felt draining to you. Our bodies and minds are connected and when we feel dehydrated, our bodies have to work in overtime putting strain all throughout the body. The end result of drinking more water is that your body will start to feel more ready to take on challenges and to overcome some of the issues which may have been holding you back today.

Even according to this Connecticut University study, even mild dehydration can have a big impact on your overall mood.


Create a list of things to do

One good way to stay focused and productive even on a bad day is to write down a list of things that you need to do. That might seem quite simple, but a small list of things that you need to do can give you some useful information about what your problems are stemming from. Being able to see the problem on paper or on screen, rather than just in our minds, can help us with the clarity needed to solve the issue and thus move forward.

Also, at the very least I always feel like I am still being somewhat productive by having a list of things to tackle. Now, you have something to work towards – even tomorrow.

Sit outside for half an hour

A useful one that I always find helps to lift my mood and remove those mental clouds is to sit outside. A quick half an hour spent outside with your eyes closed and just soaking in the silence can feel great. Going for a walk can be useful to declutter the mind, but I tend to find that even just sitting in the sun for half an hour is a good thing to do for mental clarity.

If possible, though, try and avoid sitting out there without sun protection; your skin needs to remain protected.


Visit a local landmark

Out of all the ways to feel better on a bad day, I find this one can be the most invigorating.

A great way to help lift your mood and improve how you feel on a bad day, I find, is to go and visit a local landmark. It could be a local park, a local monument, or anything at all. Even a museum or tourist trap. Something that allows you to get out, stretch your legs, and take your mind onto a new topic. You can find that a change of topic and scenery really goes a long way to helping you change your tone of thinking.

When you cannot overcome a specific issue just now, a quick walk around somewhere else and a change of topic can help you to find the answer and thus feel better.

Speak to someone

Of course, sometimes you just need to reach out to someone for a bit of conversation. Whether you wish to vent about your problem or take your mind off it, use the power of social contact to try and give yourself some respite from how you feel at the moment.

Speak to someone but try and avoid using someone as your professional sounding board. Contact a friend or family member for a social chat rather than to simply vent to them about your life. A change of topic and pace of conversation is a good way to lift the funk and get your mind back on track, I always find.

Create a journal

Lastly, I highly recommend that you look to start writing a journal. A little chronicle of all the things you are facing – good and bad – during a day can be excellent for self-reflection. I recently covered the benefits of having a journal and how to write one properly here, so be sure to check it out.

I found that having a journal allowed me to view how I felt in the moment, and then review if that feeling actually feels right in the context of what was going on. It’s great for some self-reflection and for looking at how to beat issues in future.


Take Aways

We all have bad days from time to time, it’s part of life. Without the bad there can be no enjoyment of the good. Above are just a few examples of things you can do. But you are by no means confined to only these ideas. Does art make you feel good? Do it! Knitting? Do it! Anything that helps you feel more like you is a way to feel better on a bad day.

If you ever feel you cannot get yourself out of feeling down all the time, it may be necessary to contact a local medical professional, like a counsellor or doctor, for more help.

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