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Frances Wyatt

Social Worker

Chattanooga, Tennessee

State Licensure:

California, Tennessee

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Forms of Support:


Clients Served:


Areas of Expertise:

Anxiety, Depression, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse

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Are you lacking self-confidence, not sure of who you are, and trying to adjust to various life changes (university, the pandemic, kids, new job, etc…)? If you are ready for a change, I can help you say “bye” to that mean critical voice inside your head. I will help you to slow down, walk through a journey of self-discovery, & give you the tools needed to have the audacity to be yourself.

About Me:

I am a mixed southern girl, born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. My mom is from Honduras who raised me to speak spanish, dance & sing while we clean, and make tamales. My white paternal grandmother taught me the importance of learning black history, the deliciousness that is homemade banana pudding, & giving back to the community. As with anything in the south, discovering my identity felt complicated. As a clinician of color, I acknowledge the complexities of self-discovery, challenging what people/culture/society have said about who we are, and provide a non-judgemental atmosphere to explore your identity. Professionally, I have experience as a sexual assault crisis counselor, domestic violence shelter relief supervisor, and teaching life skills to individuals who experienced auditory and visual hallucinations. I love holding space for people to heal from past traumas, let go of shame, and be free.

Counseling Approach:

In general, I support clients through utilizing a holistic approach. I’ve been trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness based stress reduction. I love to look at things holistically and utilize the 8 dimensions of wellness. We’ll take a look at your relationships, environment, emotional wellbeing, spiritual health, career, & see how each part is functioning in your life. We’ll discuss life stressors, how to cope, how to be confident in your identity, & lead a peaceful & joyful life.

Professional Memberships & Registrations:

University Attended:

Bachelors of Psychology at Chapman University 2012

Masters of Social Work at East TN State University 2015

Recent Trainings:

Listening to the Body: Understanding the Language of Stress-Related Symptoms

Seeking Safety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


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