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Simply Therapy - Counselling

Auckland, New Zealand

(she/her/ia) [Pākehā, Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Raukawa] I was born in Pukekohe, but raised and went to school in the lower part of the South Island (Mataura and invercargill). My family-of-origin story and childhood experiences were shaped by events and contexts much like that of many of my clients. There are some good memories interspersed with multiple significant events that had long-lasting negative effects on my sense of self, my behaviours, and my beliefs about life. Over the years, my search for understanding as to why I thought, felt, and acted in the ways that I did (about and toward myself and others) led me to finally admitting I needed help to make sense of some seriously traumatic events from my past – not only from childhood. I will be forever grateful to the incredible counsellor/therapist who worked with me for several years, guided me through the ACC Sensitive Claims process and gently but firmly called me out when I tried to hide behind (ultimately self-defeating) avoidance tactics when things got hard!In terms of my work history – I have worked in and out of the realm of healthcare since leaving high school, but have also spent many years in IT-related roles (mainly in manufacturing, logistics, and retail environments, but also working on local and regional healthcare system projects). Additionally, I have owned several small service businesses, and been an independent contractor across several industries. Like many people, I was lucky enough in my early twenties to have spent a couple of years backpacking and working in places such as Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, and England, along with non-work travel in Nepal, India and other countries.

Hi, I am Cari!

It can be really difficult to open yourself or your relationship up to another person and share your deepest concerns, fears and issues. It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable in this way; trusting someone else with your ‘stuff’ can feel deeply uncomfortable and risky. With this in mind,  I do my best to build a relationship with you in which creating a sense of safety, acceptance and respect is paramount. This is equally important when working with clients who come with their partner(s) to figure out relationships issues.No matter why you have come to therapy, or what may shared during each session, my role is to try to help – not judge. I am accepting and supportive of diverse individual and relational configurations and lifestyles where all involved feel valued and safe.
My clinical approach is quite flexible. I try to maintain this approach in response to the many demands my clients have in their lives. This means that the counselling process itself is rarely a straight progression from A to Z. If we need to reprioritise the focus of our work together to attend to unexpected events that might be interrupting your original goals, that is okay – that’s just how life is and we can roll with it as need be.My work is largely informed by the non-pathologising perspectives and practices of Narrative Therapy (NT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Positive Psychology, and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). I also draw on Neuroscience, Attachment & Developmental theoretical models and processes throughout my work with individuals and relationship clients.
New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC) – Provisional Member
Infidelity, Affairs & Relationships' 2-Day In-person Workshop - 2022
'Couples Therapy in Action' 1-Day Online training - 2022
'Emotional Intelligence' Coaching Masterclass certification - 2021
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