Depression Support Group

The Depression Support Group is designed to be a safe place for people experiencing depression to be heard. 

We will talk about your feelings, fears, and concerns with the aim to help you feel more capable of coping with your depression. You will have a chance each session to talk about the things on your mind. We will talk about ways to help yourself feel happier naturally and when to know if it’s time to see a medical professional for more help and what that looks like. 

This group is not suitable for people with severe depression unless monitored by another counsellor/medical professional. All members of this group will agree to be positive and validating towards one another. This is a safe place and will be monitored as such.

Cost of group: $40/ per person

Email Subscriber price: $30/ per person

Client price: $20/ per person

Schedule: Thursdays at noon (NZ time)

Please note all group services are currently online due to the pandemic.

If you want to register for this group then please email