Common And Obvious Causes Of Depression

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Part of what we are doing with A Change for Better is to help link you with high quality, accurate, up to date information. Today’s latest resource “Common And Obvious Causes Of Depression” comes from Mental Health Matters

Excerpt below:

“Depression- This expression may also refer to as a state of melancholia, sadness, unhappiness, or relatively a downturn in mood that may last only for hours or days.

Generally, depression can be quite distinct from clinical depression.

However, if the same mood persist for at least two weeks and is accompanied with other symptoms that obstruct the normal daily routine, it may be diagnosed as clinical depression or dysthymia.

It may also be other diagnosable mental illness, or as sub-syndromal depression, alternatively. In psychiatry, the term depression may mean several things like hopeless, discouraged, sad, or “down in the dumps”.

Several stimuli may trigger a depressed mood. This could possibly be caused by job loss, death of a loved one, graduation, change of residence, break-up of a significant relationship, or divorce are just a few of them.”

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