Chronic Pain: It's More Than Mechanical

chronic pain

Part of what we are doing with A Change for Better is to help link you with high quality, accurate, up to date information. Today’s latest resource “Chronic Pain: It’s More Than Mechanical: Shifting healthcare explanations from cause-based to mind body management” comes from Curable Health.

Excerpt below:

“How do we get to the point where our pain prevents us from feeling normal? How can we get back to feeling functional?

These are the questions that motivate individuals with chronic pain to seek healthcare providers’ expertise. Unfortunately, many people leave their appointments more confused than confident. As the field of chronic pain expands, outdated treatment practices expire. However, many healthcare providers continue to offer explanations for chronic pain which do not serve their patients and clients.

Mechanical dysfunction is by far the most commonly cited explanation for chronic pain used by healthcare providers. Perhaps you’ve heard that the wear and tear on your joints is the issue, or that your hips are out of alignment thereby causing tension.”

Check out more of this article on Curable Health by clicking here.

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