Benefits of Online Group Therapy

group therapy

By Ashley Cairns

For many people today, the concept of getting help from telehealth services is becoming increasingly normalised. In the past, reaching out for help was seen as something we would do on our own, in a private setting. Today, though, the rise of online group therapy has become pretty spectacular. So, what are the benefits of an online group therapy?

Online group therapy involves joining a session led by a qualified therapist through video chat, this allows for multiple people to join, either together or in their separate homes. All you need to participate in online group therapy is an internet connection and a camera, which most phones or laptops nowadays have built-in. 

Interested in finding out the benefits of online group therapy for yourself? Then this simple list will break down everything you need to know about why investing in online therapy in group sessions is a worthwhile investment of your time and energy.


Affordable treatment

A major reason to go for this kind of treatment is that it’s naturally more affordable. Online group therapy gets rid of one of the largest costs of therapy, which is often to do with managing rental costs for the actual office. If you are able to get treatment from the comfort of your home, then you have no reason to worry about high charges.

The average cost for a therapist can range anywhere from $60 – $120 per session, this might not account for family-focused therapy and at times prices can go up to as high as $250. If you are planning to have more than one session then the costs can quickly start to increase making it unaffordable for many people. 

Affordable treatment is easier to get when you are taking the treatment online and handling it remotely. Since this removes the main financial hurdle for your therapist, they can then pass the savings on down to you. This is why online teletherapy sessions are becoming more and more common for people who want to help keep their treatment costs down.

Especially if you have never interacted with therapy before, this can give you a sense of comfort that you might not have had before.


Greater privacy

Another key factor in going for teletherapy in an online group setting is the privacy factor. You don’t have to worry about being seen going in and out of therapy sessions by someone you would rather didn’t know. This allows you to be much less uncertain about even getting involved in therapy; it will become easier to simply go along to your session by logging in online.

The only thing you need to find is a quiet place that you can take your sessions from home. That’s why so many people look to use a service like this; they know that it can quickly and easily remove some of the most significant hurdles and blocks in front of them when it comes to getting the level of privacy and protection that they were hoping for.

If your main fear during therapy is being seen or heard, then online group therapy helps to solve that.


Learning from others

While not always intentional, group therapy can help you to learn many little life lessons and experiences that you might not have had otherwise. When working one-to-one with a therapist, you can gain a huge amount of insight and assistance. If you are working with a group, though, you all get to share with one another.

You might pick up a little life lesson that might not even be related to the problem(s) that you are having. Whatever the reason for getting involved, though, you will soon find that you can learn a lot from people if you are willing to learn and listen.That’s why many people find that online group therapy can be useful for them. You get help with the main problem at hand, but also other little issues that you might need help with in life.

family bond

Bringing families together

If your issues are mostly familial based, then the whole family could join in a singular group therapy session. This allows you all to work it out, talk together, and find a solution in the same place. Sometimes, going to a therapy venue specifically can bring out the worst in you all; if you are carrying out online therapy at home, though, you both get to learn a lot about one another in an environment you should feel comfortable in.

This can have many positive benefits for you, not least the fact that you can all build on what you have learned during the session meetings. It’s highly recommended that if your issues are family-based then you look to try out group therapy online together as a group.

The added familiarity of being at home helps to make some people relax more.


Confidential and controlled

The main benefit of going for online group therapy, though, stems from the fact that you are in a safe and controlled environment. Everything that is spoken about here is totally confidential; everyone who signs up to be part of the session has to agree to a full confidentiality program otherwise they cannot take part.

This helps to give you the confidence and the space that you need to talk without any issues and without any fear whatsoever. Before long, you can start to make meaningful progress and start to really make some kind of meaningful change to the way that the whole experience happens to play out for you. That’s why so many people choose to go for online group therapy; they can be who they want to be, discuss what matters to them, and do it all from a location that feels safe and harmonious.

This is one of the many reasons why many people will look to make sure they manage their therapy through a controlled environment. By giving you the chance to help you to unwind and to talk freely because you know everything is safe, you will find it much easier to come to terms with the issues that you are facing. 

What does the therapist think?

A Change For Better CEO, founder, and experienced therapist, Ashley, has spent the last few years trying to find ways to make high-quality therapy accessible to as many people as possible. This doesn’t just mean in a financial sense. “Lots of people don’t access therapy services because they don’t feel comfortable in the setting. Online group therapy removes this barrier because you’re in complete control of your environment. For people new to group sessions not being in a room full of people takes away a bit of the pressure to feel you need to contribute and of course, the savings passed down to the participants from not needing to rent a space is a great and means lots of people who wouldn’t be able to afford therapy before can now have it as a viable option.” 

being online

So, ready to try it out?

Then why not book up with Ashley or one of her experienced counsellors today? 

Let us put our money where our mouth is and show you all the benefits group therapy offers. This should help you to quickly and easily make some genuine progress with regards to your own decision making in life. If you want to get help with your issues, reaching out in a group setting might be more beneficial than you first assume.

Many people can feel quite intimidated by the idea of group therapy, but with A Change For Better sessions, you have nothing to fear. So, take a look and consider trying group counseling

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