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Part of what we are doing with A Change for Better is to help link you with high quality, accurate, up to date information. Today’s latest resource – The Awareness Space – Health and Wellbeing Podcast comes from Spotify.

The Awareness Space Podcast About:

Welcome everyone to The Awareness Space Podcast that explores human experience.

When we become aware of what‘s going on for us in this moment — and doing so with compassion, safety and non judgemental we can begin to heal. The question is, how can we integrate this sense of awareness to create a steady and resilient way of life?

What daily practices can we implement, what kind of wellbeing support can we engage in and what mental and emotional resources can cultivate within.

This is what I seek out to discover via this podcast. All we have is this moment and how can we best engage with it for a sense of peace within

Wellbeing Film Maker, Podcast Host and Speaker, Owen Morgan, explores how self-awareness and self-compassion can boost wellbeing and improve life as a whole. Looking at how we can use it to heal, transform and live a life more fully.

Through short films, podcast interviews and blogs owen shares what he has learnt. He dives into what it is to be human and how to create safety within. How can we liberate ourselves from life‘s expectations.

Join Owen and his friends every week for all things health, wellness and transformative awareness.

Owen has worked as a personal trainer and massage therapist for 10 years. He has also interviewed over 500 people on chat shows and podcasts, including therapists, coaches, advocates and people with true stories of wellbeing recovery.

Find us on Youtube, Podbean, Spotify and Apple Podcast.

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