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Part of what we are doing with A Change for Better is to help link you with high quality, accurate, up to date information. Today’s latest resource – The Adulting With Joyce Pring Podcast comes from Spotify.

The Adulting With Joyce Pring Podcast About:

The How-To’s of your 20’s, by a 20-something, traversing through life expectantly, and with gusto! 

Adulting is the ability to understand what is important for your wellbeing in the long run and prioritizing them. Once you step into the 20s age bracket, there are additional responsibilities. It is vital to identify goals and dreams. You have to make big decisions once you are 20 and being adulting. These decisions have an immense impact on several factors like health, finances, family, friends, career, and more.

Building a budget is a great way to build wealth and secure your future goals. A budget helps you to determine your expenses, where to invest, and extra expenditure.

Create financial freedom, begin early in your 20s. A plan and a budget is a great friend in times of emergencies.

It is essential to build meaningful relationships during your 20s that will last a lifetime. Also, be sure to make time for yourself and do the things that you love the most.

Accessible on Spotify.

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